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Wanda 640 Filler Multi

High-quality filling and preparation for both sanding and wet-on-wet jobs

A choice between sanding and non-sanding application is made possible by Wanda 640 Filler Multi – a versatile and VOC-compliant solution for a wide range of repairs. This cost-effective filler will quickly become your favorite product as it is easy and smooth to apply, gives great coverage and provides a basis for perfect end results.

Key features
  • Greybase Concept (3 shades, simple ratios)
  • Sanding and non-sanding (wet-on-wet) options
  • Optimum sprayability and flow
  • Strong adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Easy sandability

Key benefits
  • Maximum hiding power
  • Flexibility and wet-on-wet speed
  • Fast and error-free
  • Robust and high-quality finish
  • Time and material saving



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